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How Online Therapy helped Ali cope with his feelings of anger

I live in a very remote area and found it difficult to make the time to travel to counselling appointments on a regular basis.  I was finding my anger hard to manage and I was pushing my friends and family away when they were trying to help me. When I spoke to the team at First Psychology, they suggested working with a counsellor who offered appointments online using Zoom.

At first I was worried that I would struggle with the technology involved and what it would be like to meet someone online, but it turned out to be really easy and has let me have appointments once a week without having to leave to home.

My counsellor, Emma, put me at ease from our first appointment and helped me to understand how my anger was linked to feelings of stress. I learned that my thinking could be very extreme, where I would often think the worst, even when the problem wasn’t that big. 

Emma encouraged me to recognise what triggered my anger and how I could take a step back from my feelings to take time to cool off.  She introduced me to mindfulness and techniques I can use to help myself.  As a result, I now am sleeping so much better and I am enjoying feeling more relaxed when I am with my family and friends.

Being able to meet a counsellor online allowed me to access help and feel less isolated.  I would recommend giving it a go if you feel you need support.

If, like Ali, you have difficulties attending appointments in one of our Centres, please contact us to learn more about Online Therapy.

How online coaching helped Hassan move into a senior role at work

“I was really lucky when my employer offered to fund sessions with a psychological coach to help me improve my confidence and performance.  Although I had been successful in managing my team, I was held back by the anxiety I felt when having to speak in meetings and give presentations.  I was stuttering over my words and, when I was embarrassed, I would go red and start to sweat – not really a good look for a senior manager.

Working with Paul, a therapist and psychological coach, I was able to recognise the unhelpful thoughts which would trigger my anxiety.  Paul taught me to use simple breathing techniques to help me relax and made use of cognitive behavioural therapy to both understand why I became anxious and to develop different ways of thinking.  Managing my fears around public speaking has allowed me to move into a more senior role in the organisation and just going to work each day is no longer stressful.  Being able to meet Paul online made coaching appointments much more convenient; I was easily able to fit in our sessions round my other work commitments and family life without adding to my already busy days.”

If, like Hassan, you would like to access coaching or therapy online, please contact us to learn more.