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Life coaching, careers coaching and executive coaching for individuals and organisations

We offer a range of coaching services including life coaching, careers coaching and executive coaching for individuals and organisations. Coaching does not focus on things that are causing distress, but instead involves identifying and striving toward specific goals that are desired. This means that coaching is usually more suited to times where things are generally OK and where further improvement or clarity is sought, rather than in times of upset or emotional distress.

Types of coaching

Life coaching focuses on identifying and working towards specific goals linked to improving quality of life and personal fulfillment; careers coaching focuses on personality/work fit, exploring what types of career may be most rewarding to you; and executive coaching is commonly employed by those in highly successful roles wishing further enhancement and development.

How we coach

We use psychological concepts and principles to coach people to reach their goals by first, identifying what these goals are (a process that can be more complicated than it sounds!), and then by looking at the barriers preventing these goals being achieved. Most of these barriers are psychological, such as limiting beliefs or low self-esteem, however some are lifestyle related, such as a lack of time or money. The process involves finding solutions by planning and implementing change in a structured way.

Cost and contract

Our coaching sessions are organised in the same way, and subject to the same fees, as our therapy services. We 'meet' clients for a one-off initial session to talk through your goals and to explore how best to achieve these. Following this, and if appropriate, we will agree a ‘contract’ for further work. This is generally for between 6-8 sessions of online coaching. For details of coaching courses and prices, please see above.

To find out more about seeing a coach or to book an initial session please contact us.