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Psychotherapy is a process that involves talking about issues or problems that cause difficulty for you, and that perhaps have been around for quite a while. Psychotherapy uses a more in-depth approach than counselling, and often looks at your life as a whole rather than focusing on specific concerns in the here and now. Some approaches to psychotherapy pay a lot of attention to our upbringing – viewing what life was like when we were young sets a pattern for some of the difficulties we encounter when older.

A popular form of psychotherapy at the moment is called Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT). Click here to find out more about IPT.

How does it work?

Psychotherapy works by providing regular time with an experienced practitioner to talk about how things are for you, and to work on patterns or issues that are difficult. The practitioner may make suggestions or give you ideas about what may be underlying your difficulties for you to think about. Change is seen as a product of increased understanding allowing you to do things differently over time.

Why do people choose psychotherapy?

People choose psychotherapy to address long-standing problems or difficulties they feel may require considerable exploration. Often people choose to undertake psychotherapy following counselling (and often with the same person), having found the issues they wanted to initially address are not as easy to make better as they first thought.

Is psychotherapy effective?

Research on psychotherapy can be difficult as its very nature is about change. However studies do show that many clients gain considerable benefit from psychotherapy with the right person.

How do I book?

To find out more about our online psychotherapy service or to book an initial session please contact us.


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