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Catriona Macleod

Psychological Therapist and Psychotherapist

About Catriona:
Works as Psychological Therapist and Psychotherapist at First Psychology Online

Languages spoken:

  • English

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Catriona Macleod is an experienced psychological therapist and psychotherapist who works online with individual adults (age 16+) with a wide range of issues and problems. These include: anxiety related issues such as phobias, generalised anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), social anxiety, trauma / PTSD, panic, health anxiety; depression and mood related issues; relationship issues; anger management; stress; eating disorders; self harm; low self-esteem; bereavement; insomnia; life transitions; autism spectrum disorders; and borderline personality disorder.

She has a particular interest in working with clients who have experienced early trauma and the impact this has had on emotional, social and personality development. 

She also offers online consultations for parents/carers of children and young people as well as offering online clinical supervision to other health professionals.

Catriona's way of working

Catriona uses evidence-based therapies in a flexible, collaborative way. She uses a psychodynamic and person-centred perspective in her client work, which she combines with other approaches to suit each client's individual needs and preferences. These approaches include: Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and related therapies such as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy; Mentalisation-Based Therapy; Solution Focused Therapy; and Coaching

Catriona believes that a strong therapeutic relationship is key to successful therapy and will work to develop this with each client. 

Catriona's background and training

Catriona has over 30 years' experience working in NHS Mental health Services. She trained as an occupational therapist and worked in the NHS as a senior adult psychotherapist. 

She has a Diploma in Occupational Therapy (College of Occupational Therapists) and a Post-graduate qualification in Group Analysis (Institute of Group Analysis). She has undertaken additional training in Mentalisation Based Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Techniques, Coaching, Solution Focused Therapy, and Transactional Analysis. 

She is a Member of the Institute of Group Analysis and is registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

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Catriona's fee

Catriona charges £85 per session for self-funding clients. She also works with clients referred via their employer/organisation – for further details, please visit First Psychology Assistance.