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Couples/Relationship Counselling

Online Couples Counselling (Relationship Counselling)

Couples Counselling / Relationship Counselling (these terms are often used interchangeably) is a process designed to both understand what is going wrong in a relationship and to find ways of making things better. At our online centre we have many experienced couples counsellors who can work with a couple, or sometimes an individual, to understand their relationship problems.

How does relationship/couples counselling work?

Relationship / couples counselling works in the same way as most forms of therapy, i. e. it helps people express their experiences of what the ‘problem’ is and to find a way of improving things through increased understanding, changed perceptions and by doing things differently.

What are common reasons for seeking relationship/couples counselling?

There are a range of reasons people seek relationship/couples counselling including: significant conflict; infidelity; commitment issues; adjustment problems; grief; family difficulties; and concurrent difficulties, such as depression.

Can people seek relationship/couples counselling if their partner won’t join the session?

Yes, this is actually very common. Sometimes the problems we have with our relationships are at the root of many of the difficulties we encounter, but this may not be a view shared by our partner. Speaking about relationships issues with a professional psychologist, counsellor or CBT therapist can be of great help, even if our partner is not able to join the session.

Is relationship/couples counselling effective?

Yes, it has a proven outcome in helping people experiencing relationships difficulties. It helps to both clarify what the difficulties are and to determine how these may be best addressed. There is, of course, no recipe for all situations and on occasion the counselling may lead to a mutual decision to end a relationship. More commonly, it helps clients find a way forward to which all parties can commit.

How do I find out more or book an initial session?

To find out more about our relationship / couples counselling service please contact us.