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Person-centred counselling

Person-centred counselling is an effective and popular treatment for a variety of issues and we offer this service at First Psychology Online.

What is person-centred counselling?

Person-centred or client centred counselling and psychotherapy, as it is also known, was developed by psychologist, Carl Rogers, in the 1940s and 50s. Rogers focused on the client’s subjective understanding of their situation rather than the counsellor or therapist’s interpretation of it and believed that in order for the client’s condition to improve, the counsellor needed to be warm, genuine and understanding.

What does person-centred counselling entail?

The person-centred therapist aims to create a comfortable, non-judgemental environment by showing genuineness, positive regard and empathic understanding. At the same time, the therapist does not tell the client what to do but allows them to choose the direction of therapy for themselves. The role of the person-centred counsellor or psychologist is to facilitate this decision by asking questions to help clarify what they think and how they feel. The ultimate goal is to assist the client in finding their own solutions to their problems.

Who would person-centred counselling suit?

Person-centred counselling is better suited to clients who like the freedom to talk about their problems in a supportive and facilitative environment rather than those who prefer a more directive, structured approach with specific techniques to follow.

What issues/problems can be helped by person-centred counselling?

Client, or person centred counselling is commonly used to treat a number of issues which include relationship problems, depression, anxiety, bereavement, sexuality, anger and transitions in life. It is ideal for individuals who are motivated to find out more about themselves and work towards solving their issues.

How many sessions of person-centred counselling will I need?

The number of sessions you require will be discussed at your initial session. When using a person-centred approach the number of sessions can vary as it depends on the needs and wishes of each individual.

To ask us any questions about our online Person-Centred Counselling service or to book an initial session with one of our experienced online practitioners, please contact us.

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